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Child Custody Virginia

When a client is faced with a serious legal issue in Virginia, Maryland or Massachusetts, then they should serious consider calling the SRIS Law Group.

Our attorneys assist clients with the following types of legal issues:

Criminal Defense


Child Custody

Traffic Defense


Personal Injury

We have client meeting locations in Virginia, Maryland & Massachusetts.

Child Custody Virginia

Our attorneys and staff speak following languages – Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Mandarin and Spanish.

Due to our experience in defending clients charged with the above types of legal issues, we routinely appear before the courts in Virginia, Maryland & Massachusetts.

Our attorneys are also licensed to appear in the federal district courts of Virginia, Maryland & Massachusetts.

If you need help with certain types of federal cases, please feel free to call us and discuss your legal issue with us.

Child Custody Virginia

The following is a federal statute, the attorneys at the SRIS Law Group think you might find helpful.

We hope this is of benefit to you.

A petition for recognition shall also be accompanied by a statement identifying all foreign proceedings with respect to the debtor that are known to the foreign representative.

The documents referred to in paragraphs (1) and (2) of subsection (b) shall be translated into English. The court may require a translation into English of additional documents.

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