Fairfax Virginia Domestic Violence Laws

In Fairfax Virginia, the domestic violence is defined as the trying to harm the family member physically. Bullying and threatening a family member is also included in this case as no one is physically hurt in this case but it can also result in serious charges and penalties. The charges against domestic violence can be placed if the person is stabbing the wife or he is disobeying the person’s protection laws. The actions that are considered as domestic violence are sexual assault, hitting, stabbing, and stalking. If you are accused of this charge in Fairfax then it is important to call a domestic violence lawyer.

Who is the Family Member as per Law in Fairfax?

The Fairfax law defines the person who is the family member as anybody who has the blood relationship with the offender. Any person who is living with the suspect for more that one year is also known as the family member regardless of the relationship he or she has with the suspect. The family relationship can be created with the help of marriage so it is not necessary that the victim of the domestic violence has the blood relationship with the offender. The other possible victims of the domestic violence can be the grandparent, children, and parents as well. As per careful statistics in Virginia, it has been found that the most common victim of this crime is the wife.

The Consequences of the Domestic Violence in Fairfax

In this state, the domestic violence is considered as the class 1 misdemeanor and for the conviction of this crime, the person can be sent to jail for the period of 1 year. The possible fine will be USD 2500. This amount does not include the court and the other related expenses. This type of violence can arise from a lot of reasons with also include the violation of Civil Protection Order. It also includes prohibiting a person’s place. All the law enforcement officers require a reasonable cause just to prove that anything mention above has happened so that they can arrest the person and charge him with this accuse.

If the offense is convicted for the third time then the charges will become more serious. If these incidents have occurred in the period of 20 years on different dates then it will be considered as a felony and the person can be sent to jail for a longer period of time. In such circumstances, the offender can lose his job and hey will definitely lose their relationship with their family members and friends as well. All this crime will end up in the financial burden on the person because the court fine and other expenses are a real stress.

The Defense for Domestic Violence

This crime is very serious and one who has convicted it should not take it lightly. If you are being arrested because of this offense then it is better to hire an experienced and dedicated lawyer who knows how to handle this situation. He will try to reduce the charges and for the dismissal of the case.