Fairfax Virginia Drug Laws and Penalties

There are some ways according to which the law enforcement bodies can charge a person for drugs in Fairfax, Virginia. There are different types of drugs so the severity of the charge and the punishment is different. The possession charges in this state are different as compared to production and distribution of drugs. The police can search anybody even at the traffic stop and there are many people in the hotels who are found taking marijuana.

Sometimes these hotels file the complaint against these persons and the police then come to arrest them. These types of search incidents are common in Fairfax. The police can arrest a person if he has the small amount of drug in his pocket. The charges will be more serious if the person has a gun along with the drug. If you are being charged with this crime then immediately call your Fairfax drugs lawyer.

Federal Possession of Drugs Laws in Shenandoah Fairfax

Although they are many states in the US which are allowing the medical and the recreational use of marijuana however in Virginia it is illegal to have it. The Fairfax prohibits the possession of drug no matter what is the amount. For first assurance, the person has to be in jail for the period of about one year and the state will fine him that will be about USD 1000.

If there is second possession then the imprisonment will be for 15 days along with 2 years in jail and a fine of USD 2500 will be charged. For 3rd and subsequent offense, the person will be held in jail for 90 days to maximum 3 years of imprisonment and the fine will be USD 5000.

Always remember that the cultivation and sale of marijuana in the state have higher punishments and fines under the law and for first possession the person can be held in jail for 5 years. If he or she has been caught with the large amount then the imprisonment can be for the whole life and the fine can be about 1 million USD.

The Consequences of Possessing Drug in Fairfax

It is a big criminal offense if you possess drug in Fairfax, Virginia. The authorities of this country take serious enforcement of the Drug laws. The most serious code is 18.2-250.1 and according to it, the simple possession of the drug is a crime. The conviction of transportation and distribution of marijuana is also a great offense and it can bring harsh results. Your freedom can also be affected as a serious consequence and your future will also be in danger if you have the possession of marijuana in the Fairfax. The penalties that can be included in the serious possession can be as follows.

  • The harsh and the serious amount of fines.
  • imprisonment
  • The privileges for the driving can be lost.
  • Services for the community.
  • The loss of student loans and aids including other educational penalties.
  • The person can lose the job and other employment opportunities as well.