Fairfax Virginia DWI Laws and Penalties

The DWI referred to law code that defines this crime is 18.2-266. The driving or operating a car, vehicle, or train under the influence of alcohol or any other combination of drug is a serious crime and it can result in harsh penalties. The ability of a person to drive with while he or she is intoxicated is impaired and it will be dangerous if the person has the level of alcohol or any other drug in the blood while driving. In this article, the laws and the penalties for DWI in Fairfax, Virginia will be discussed in detail, let’s have a look at it.

Penalties for DWI

Being charged with this crime is a serious offense and it can result in harsh penalties as well. Sometimes these penalties are so strict that they can place a great impact on your wallet and freedom. You can lose a job or you will be unable to maintain a job because in some case you have to provide a clean driving record and the presence of DWI offense will be a great mark in your driving record.

In this state, it is considered as a serious misdemeanor and the possible fine can be USD 2500 maximum and the minimum fine can be USD 250. For the first offense the person can be sentenced to jail for a period of 12 months and if the BCA is below 0.05 it may happen that you will not experience jail. There is no guarantee that you will not experience jail but if the court finds the presence of some elements then it will be mandatory.

The Suspension of Driving License

If a person is found with the conviction of DWI then the driving license of that person can be suspended. He will also not be able to drive out of the state. They will be eligible for some restrictions for the driving license which can be under some fixed circumstances.

The loss of the driving license will be up to 12 months and this loss can place a great impact on the lifestyle of the person. There are a lot of things that can happen to the person who has convicted this crime. But losing the driving license for the first time can be complicated in many ways.

The Elements of DWI in Fairfax

The law code which defines the DWI in Fairfax is 18.2-266. According to these rules, there are about four ways in which a person can be charged with this crime in this state. The person is driving with the blood alcohol content in the limits of the state which is about 0.08. The person can be driving with mental and physical disability along with the influence of alcohol but it will be without breath and blood test. The person can be under the influence of drugs which can be the legal prescription but in this condition, he is unable to operate the vehicle. So in these conditions, the person will be charged with the DWI offense.