Fairfax Virginia Protective Orders Laws To Help In Domestic Violence

A protective order is one of the main issues that many people face as experiencing abuse from roommate, family member or significant other. At Fairfax Virginia, many women and men are represented in family courts due to domestic violence cases. They help the abuse victims to provide them a defense from being violating. On both sides of the court, we are well versed in advocating for our clients. These orders do not stop the abusers from hurting the victim but they allow a victim to call the police and ask them to arrest the abusers if they break the orders of the court. In this case, the abusers try to keep their selves away from all of these matters or if they do so the police will arrest them on victim’s complaint and lock them into the jail. Fairfax Virginia Protective Orders Laws will help you to know more about it.

Protect Your Rights And Your Family:

We have best lawyers to help the clients to address the issue which is posed by an allegation of abuse in any circumstances. In Virginia there are different types of court orders are available to protect the victim from domestic violence.

  1. Preliminary Protective Court Order:

It provides an additional protection to the victim and the period of protection is 15 days. The hearing is also secluded between these 15 days. The court will be sending a notice to the alleged abuser for the hearing of court. They also have permission to dispute the allegation and explain the why a complete protection order is not issued to them.

  1. Emergency Protective Court Order:

This order is also known as restarting order which can be sought any time without giving any notice to the alleged abuser. If a obtain an emergency protection order is given, the police will provide the alleged abuser with duplicate of the order at the earliest opportunity, and the alleged abuser will eliminate from their living space and prohibited from participating in further functions of abuse. This order stays for 72 hours but you can apply for an extension to add more 72 hours.

  1. Full Protective Court Order:

It offers a greater protection to the victim and for 2 years it will keep in effect and also that they can be renewed. These orders are seriously affected the rights of the abusers. They might be granted when after the abuser has been offered a duly, notified of the ability to hear and given a possibility to refute the allegations against her or him.

What Happen If Any Person Breaks Order?

Fairfax Virginia Protective Orders Laws are very strict and if an abuser tries to break the protection order of the court the victim should call the police they will then arrest them without any warrant. The person will not get the bail at any cost for 24 hours after they get arrested. Any break of an order will make the abuser to play for and plenty of a fine that can be more than $5000 or up to six months imprisonment.

Fairfax Virginia Protective Orders Laws will provide a proper protection to the victims.