Hit and Run Charge in Fairfax Virginia

The law of the state does not show any leniency to the cases of hit and run. The state seeks law under the section code of 46.2-894 to 46.2-897. It has been observed that there is lack of awareness regarding the imposition of duties by the law when anyone’s vehicle hit the other whether occupied or not occupied. In this perspective, if you are driving a vehicle, it is essential to stop nearby the accident and register your personal information related to your name and contact number to the law enforcement agency, or you may tell to the injured if possess enough consciousness to comprehend your detail. It is also considered moral duty to take the injured to the hospital for further treatment. These moral obligations are imposed by the law, but if you fail to do so, then Class 5 felony is waiting for you desperately. The sensitivity of the crime demands to have a lawyer familiar with the hit and run charge Fairfax Virginia.

Proof of Hit and Run Charge

There is a possibility that the driver can be accused of hit and run charge Fairfax Virginia if the car made physical contact with the other and the convicted driver fails to report about the incident.

Penalties and Charges for Hit and Run

There are different kinds of hit and run charge Fairfax Virginia that people are not aware of such as:

  • Class 5 Felony – an accused individual is punishable by 10 years of imprisonment if the damaged car is attended, and the estimation is greater than $1000 with the loss of life or injury.
  • Class 1 misdemeanor-it can punish the driver for about 1 year of imprisonment in jail. If the damaged car is attended, and property damage is less than $1000, or the damaged car is not attended and the estimation of the damage is around $250 to $1000. Moreover, if the driver has not reported about the accident can cause a person to face at least 5 years of imprisonment.
  • Class 4 Misdemeanor- the driver only faces fine, if the damaged car is unattended and the value of the damage is less than $250. Passenger fails to report the incident is also punished equally to the driver. These are some complex legal issues related to hit and run charge Fairfax Virginia. For the complete understanding of these matters, it is essential to hire a lawyer.

Defense for Hit and run Charge, Fairfax Virginia   

The laws associated with a hit and run charge Fairfax Virginia are very complicated. There is a possibility that in this regard police and prosecution can make the mistake that can be beneficial to you. This not possible for the police to arrest you or issue a ticket without a warrant relevant to hit and run charge, Fairfax Virginia. In this regard, if you are accused of such offense, it is important for you to make a contact with the lawyer.

Contact Hit and Run Charge Fairfax Virginia Lawyer

Those who come across with hit and run charge Fairfax Virginia crucial to make an appointment with the lawyer who can skillfully handle the case