Solicitation of a Minor in Fairfax Virginia

In the state of Fairfax, Virginia, if any person is found to have sex with cash or any equivalent then the person is convicting solicitation. Every person should remember that performing sex by offering money is a crime and the offender can get serious punishments and charges against it. If you are convicted of this crime in this state then it is necessary that you must consult a soliciting lawyer as soon as possible. In this article, the seriousness of solicitation of a minor in Fairfax will be discussed in detail.

Soliciting a Minor

The section which defines soliciting a minor is 18.2-346. It is a very serious offense and is a punishable felony in Virginia. It is class 6 felony if soliciting sex from a minor whose age is less than 16 years. The person will be sentenced to jail for five years.

  • In Fairfax, if you are being convicted of Class 1 Felony then you are being charged with a fine of USD 2500 and up to 12 months in jail.
  • The penalty can be increased but it depends on the age of the person whom you have offered money for the exchange of sex.
  • If you are being found to offer money to the minor who us 16 years old but not older than 18 years then you will face the charges according to Class 6 felony conviction. The possible punishment for this will be the fine of USD 2500 and imprison for one to five years.
  • It will be a Class five felony if you have solicited a minor who is younger than 16 years. The possible punishment will be one to 10 years in jail and fine of USD 2500. It will be a Class 5 felony conviction.

Getting the Help from the Solicitation Lawyer in Fairfax

Solicitation of a minor Fairfax Virginia is a very serious crime and the concerned lawyer will explore all the details of your case. He will find all the possibilities to reduce the penalties and the charges on your behalf. The facts that can lower your possible penalties are the criminal background, cooperation, and reputation. So make sure that you have contacted a trusted and experienced solicitation lawyer in this state who has complete knowledge of the laws. The lawyer having the complete understanding of the laws in the State can help you in following way.

  • He will investigate well the charged of solicitation against you.
  • He will demonstrate in the court that you are not engage in this act knowingly.
  • He will prove certain acts that do not fit in the situation defined for this crime.
  • A clean record can be used to reduce the charges against you.
  • If you do not want to fight for the charges then he can negotiate a plea bargain.

The charges can bring financial consequences along with the difficult time in jail but it is the soliciting lawyer who can get you out of this bad situation.