Solicitation of Prostitution in Fairfax, Virginia

Every person should know that it is a serious crime and it is against law in Fairfax Virginia that you are having sex activities after offering money. Most of the people do not know that it is a serious crime if you are involved in the solicitation of prostitution. If you are accused of this crime then it is important that you must consult a solicitation lawyer as soon as possible. These lawyers are the best in handling these cases and can guide you well on the charges and the possible options. In this article, solicitation of prostitution will be discussed in detail. Let’s have a look at it.

Solicitation of a Prostitute in Fairfax

In a common prostitution, there is a customer which is also called as John. This person offers money and other items in exchange for sex activities. These persons can be charged with this crime. There are some conditions that are necessary to be present to prove this offense which is as follows.

  • He has offered money to the other person for the arrangements of sexual activities.
  • They have exchanged money or some property after these acts.

The acts can be visiting the nearest ATM to get money or booking a room for sexual activities. It is not necessary that the sex actually happens to charge you with this crime.

The Possible Defenses for Solicitation in Fairfax

There are many ways that can be sued by the lawyer to defend the solicitation of prostitution. The law requires that the person knows that they are because in some cases the person is charged mistakenly. They sometimes don’t know that the person whom they are arranging sex activities is actually a prostitute. If you are not aware of that and you just ended up being involved in a prostitute then your lawyer can use this situation in terms of your defense. Sometimes people pay money to prostitutes for some other services but not for sexual activities. If it is so then you will not be charged with this offense.

The Possible penalties for Solicitation

It is a class 1 felony as per the solicitation of prostitution law in Fairfax. If you have convicted this then the court will punish you with a fine up to USD 2500 and about 1 year in jail. In some situations, the charges can be harsher such as of you are involved in soliciting a minor. The felony charges and penalty will be increased in this case. The conviction of class 5 felony will result in 10 years in jail and the conviction of class 6 felony will result in jail for 5 years along with a certain amount of fine in both cases.

So soliciting a minor is a serious offense that can bring financial burden bad reputation. It will also bring a negative impact on your personal and social life and it will act as a great mark on your criminal record that can be placed for the whole life. Call your attorney immediately to know your possible options.